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Dear Friend

Welcome to START MY ONLINE DROPSHIP BUSINESS – Your Partner in Your Success!

If you have decided to start your own business…CONGRATULATIONS!

This is not a decision everyone will make so you’re already ahead of the pack of people who want to build their own business, but haven’t found the courage, commitment or dedication. You are making it happen rather than thinking about making it happen.

You already stand out as Exceptional and a True Entrepreneur!

Welcome aboard on an exciting and rewarding journey, albeit a challenging one.

We are now living in an amazing era where can buy and sell online, find products and suppliers at the click of a button, work from anywhere in the world – the beach, your bedroom, or the local coffee shop….and without the confines and barriers of high shopping center rents, high cost of wages or other overheads.

Setting up an e-commerce store is one of the simplest, most “tried and true” routes to financial freedom. It’s not easy, but with the right approach, you could build a side revenue stream that gives you the freedom to design the life you want.

This is especially great news and an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs like yourself who want to start an online business.

Today, it’s possible to build a business that gives you the flexibility to build a lifestyle you love — whether that means spending more time with your family, taking an extra vacation, or even just having a little extra “cushion” in the bank so you know that you’re safe.

Want to work 2 hours a day, or 2 hours a week, or simply dive into it full time…or outsource it all to a Virtual Assistant …. it’s all up to you!

Together we will build an online business venture with you, grow the business until you are ready to take over by yourself, scale it for growth by automating many of the processes and when your business is running on autopilot you can sell it for much more than it cost to build, or continue building more businesses thereby creating a portfolio of income generating streams. 

We have built several businesses from scratch, turned them into profitable enterprises and sold them, so we know a thing or two about building businesses and have the experience to back up our claims. Guaranteed!

In fact, we are continuously starting new stores and testing various marketing tactics on them so that you can benefit from my research and implement those exact revenue producing strategies into your business.

Our mission is simple: Your Success Is Our Success!  We want to make it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their own business so they can fulfil their dreams of owning their own successful business. Our goal is not to sell you a website, rather work with you on an ongoing basis to create your online success story.

Of course, this is not achieved overnight, it is done over time – sometimes several months and that’s why we are selective of the clients we work with. We work with you, not for you.

If you buy the website and do nothing guess what?   …nothing will happen.

However, if you are committed and dedicated to putting in the work, follow our marketing strategies, create and stick to your business plan, work with us, continuously gain business knowledge and learn new marketing tactics, rest assured you will reap the benefits in sales and profits!

From discussing the right business model for you, doing initial research on the products saleability, sourcing and contacting suppliers, building your websites to getting your 1st sale and many more after that, I will work together with you , one-on-one, until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome and confident enough to take over your marketing by yourself.

The processes involved in these steps are way too many to mention in this introduction however rest assures we will share with you every system and process that we have developed and is available at our resources to ensure your business venture is profitable.

Our team comprises of business coaches, accountants, website and app developers, digital and social marketing specialists, virtual assistants, graphic designers, PPC & SEO experts, support staff and more. We have forums and discussion groups where we share industry-specific knowledge, so you are on top of the latest business trends to steer your business in the best direction.

We have put together this team to support you, guide you, mentor you so that you can avoid the mistakes many new entrepreneurss make when starting out.

Wishing You All The Best and May Your Dreams Of Owning A Profitable Online Business Come True!


Neil Singh – CEO

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