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DFY – Done For You Basic Package.

Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting out in dropshipping or online retailing and don’t have the time to scale the business, however, are on a budget.

Ideally, to operate this store, you should have digital marketing experience and know-how to scale the business.

The GOLD Store includes our ClientsNOW Marketing system

Here’s what you get

  • Fully Build 5 Page Site
  • 20 Products Uploaded
  • ClientsNOW – 200 Marketing Strategies With Templates & Examples
  • WordPress
  • Suppliers Sourced
  • BYO Domain Name
  • Modern & Looks Great on mobile devices
  • Manageable Site You Can Edit
  • SEO Friendly
  • Social Media Ready
  • PayPal Connected
  • Contact Form
  • 1 Custom Email Address
  • Google reCAPTCHA enquiry form – stop unwanted EMAIL spam


$9,937 + (from minimum) $600 Per month Website Management PLUS Google/facebook AdSpend Budget (estimate $500 for each platform) 

DFY – Done For You Gold Package.

Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting out in dropshipping or online retailing and don’t have the time to scale the business or want to outsource their marketing.

In the Platinum Package, we take care of your Google PLA Shopping Ads and Facebook PPC Ads (up to 10 products). We will design the ads and run the campaigns. Additionally, we will implement several marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions to your store.

NOTE: You do have to pay Google, Facebook , eBay, Amazon and all other external channels for your own marketing depending on your budget.

We will also connect your Analytics dashboards so you can monitor the traffic to your website

Here’s what you get 

Don’t Have The Time To Build Your Business? Hire us to build your store from scratch, generate sales then hand over to you

  • Add your marketing budget
  • Marketing research conducted
  • Niche products selected
  • Weekly Sales And Traffic Reports
  • WordPress Or Shopify Sites (additional charge for Shopify stores)
  • Fully Build 10 Page Site
  • 40 Products Uploaded
  • Suppliers Sourced Local or International
  • BYO Domain Name
  • Modern & Looks Great on mobile devices
  • Facebook Ads Setup and Implemented
  • Google Shopping Ads Setup and Implemented
  • Instagram Influencers Sourced & Hired (additional costs apply) 
  • eBay and/or Amazon Store Setup With Product Listings (40 products each platform) 
  • PayPal Connected
  • Up to 5 Custom Email Addresses
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SEO – On-page Meta Data Installed
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Installed
  • Custom Designed Facebook Promo Adverts & Banners
  • Mailchimp Email Marketing Account
  • Your own Admin area for making changes


Website Hosting From $13.99 p/m

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Powerful Business-Building Secrets Revealed In Your AMAZING ClientsNOW Business-in-a-Box Kit!

Find Out What's in ClientsNOW estores Guide

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Contents List ClientsNOW eStores


  1. Live Professional Website with your own business name including FREE Google Advertising Setup so you can start getting customer enquiries within days of launching your business  ($2270)
  2. FREE PDF Business Cards, Loyalty Cards & Flyers so your customers can contact you easily ($197)
  3. FREE How To Get Started eBook so you can learn everything you need to get started ($297)
  4. FREE 697 Page Getting Started Operations Manual Workbook with detailed instructions on how to maintain your website, choosing the best model - dropship, inventory or wholesale, book-keeping, marketing plus much more ($597)
  5. FREE 53 Powerful Ways To Get More Enquiries and get your phone ringing   ($597)
  6. FREE 34 Proven Ways to Increase Your Conversion by turning inquiries into sales ($597)
  7. FREE 17 Secret Ways To Get Clients Back & Buying More from you that will drive your competition insane ($597)
  8. FREE 27 Online Marketing Secrets that will turn your website into a powerhouse enquiry generating website  ($597)
  9. FREE 25 Time Tested Ways To Cut Overheads so your business operates profitably  ($597)
  10. FREE Time Management Tactics so you can learn how to work efficiently and effectively  ($597)
  11. FREE Guide To Goal Setting ($597)
  12. FREE Rewire Your Mind-Set For Success workbook featuring powerful tactics highly successful business people use daily ($597)
  13. FREE 132 Templates, Checklists & Sales Scripts to make your life easier and avoid repetitions ($897)
  14. 4 x FREE Business Coaching/ Sessions  from experienced business owner so you can start smoothly and avoid pitfalls and mistakes of operating a business  ($2097)
  15. PLUS 1st Enquiry Guarantee Within 60 Days of Launching* Conditions Apply - Platinum stores ONLY
  16. PLUS Dedicated Support For the First 60 Days of Your Starting Your New Business

Happy Clients

"I love the flexibility. I work the hours I want to work and make the money I want to make. This control over my own destiny has given me the recreational time I needed to spend time with my family".


"The biggest benefit for me was the ability to earn additional working income part-time on the weekends. Now I've cut back on my normal job hours to work in my business"



* Purchase required. Free bonuses are included in your ClientsNOW Business In A Box Kit Worth $1497. To be eligible to receive the free products the purchase of either the GOLD or PLATINUM package is required


Here's What You Get In Your ClientsNOW Business In A Box Package

As you go through this step-by-step program you'll discover how to turn your business into a profitable enterprise :

√ High Converting Website WITH Google Ads Setup

Get Started Fast With A Professional WordPress Website and Google Advertising!

Your website is your businesses online window to the world, so that your potential customers can discover your business FAST.

Having Google Ads already setup is a powerful way to get inquires fast so that you can start making sales quickly


  • Professional WordPress Website
  • CustomDesigned To Your Industry
  • Installed Front End Builder So You Can Easily Manage Your Website With NO Coding Experience
  • SEO Optimized Home Page so your local customers can find you organically
  • Google Search Ad's Account Created & Set-up For You that you can easily manage yourself
  •  Keywords Targeted To Your Audience So You Can Get Maximum Clicks Without Wasting CPC $$$

√ BONUS # 1: Business Cards & Flyers:

Stationary to get your business name out there fast, including PDF business cards with a loyalty rewards program and colour flyers – simply start handing them out and start getting enquiries.


  • PDF Business Cards
  • PDF Loyalty Program Cards
  • PFD Colour Flyers 
  • Logo Design*    basic

√ BONUS # 2: eBook – How To Start Your Business:

Learn how to start your own business with this comprehensive guide.

Discover everything you need to get started from business planning, legal requirements, equipment lists to getting more customers.

Whether you are looking at start a Lawn Mowing, House Cleaning, eStore Online Store or any other business listed on our website, we have the starter guide for you.


  • Find Out How To Make a Business Plan For Your Business
  • Learn About The Legal Requirements Needed Before Getting Started
  • Learn How to Register Your Business ABN#
  • Find Out What Insurances You Need
  • Find Out What Equipment You Require
  • Plus Much More

√ BONUS # 3: 697 Page Comprehensive Getting Started Manual & Workbook:

Your manual covers detailed step by step instructions on how to register your domain name and business name ABN #, sign up for web hosting, understanding the 3 models: dropship, inventory wholesale, manage your website from the backend, uploading images and changing content, maintaining daily bookkeeping and admin processes, how to maintain customers database, setting up your social media accounts plus much more.


  • Learn How To Register Your Domain Name
  • Find Out How To Get The Best Hosting For Your Website
  • Learn Step By Step How To Manage Your Website From The Back end So You Can Easily Edit Your Content, Add Images, Products, Videos & Write Blogs With NO Coding Experience Needed
  • Learn How To Operate Your Admin Area Including How To Manage Your Customers Database CRM System
  • Learn The Essentials Of Managing Your Bookkeeping & Cashflow System


Want to attract leads and enquiries fast?

Discover the secrets to lead generation that most successful companies use and won’t tell you! 

Learn how to write super effective headlines and ads that work using the AIDA & PAS Formulas, get insider tips on how to attract new inquiries from Facebook, discover how you can use Google Ads to effectively target your ideal clients, learn how to use coupons to attract new leads PLUS Many More Tactics!


  • Discover the Secrets of Getting New Inquiries with Facebook Marketing
  • Find Out How You Can Write Headlines That Will Attract The Attention Of Your Target Market
  • Discover How To Generate a Consistent Supply Of Customer With Google Ads
  • Learn Proven Traditional Off-Line Marketing Strategies That  Are Being Used By Big Companies  Today To Grow Their Customer Lists PLUS Much More......

√ BONUS # 5: 34 Time Tested Tactics to Increase Your Sales and Profits (Increase Your Conversion Rate):

  • Now that you have your website is getting sales and getting tons of enquiries, you need to make sure that you convert them into sales!

    This is where many businesses fail to reap the rewards of their advertising $$$. These Strategies Will Skyrocket Your Sales!

    Discover powerful strategies on how to turn cold inquiries into red hot prospects and sales using proven tactics like re-marketing, persuasive sales scripts, up-selling, cross-selling, guerrilla marketing and of course unleashing the power of referral and viral marketing.


    • Learn How To Close Sales Using Time Tested Sales Scripts 
    • Find Out How You Can Use Email Automation To Create a Super Effective Drip Marketing Campaign 
    • Discover The Power of Re-Marketing So Your Prospects Will Revisit Your Website And Increase Your Conversion Rate
    • How to Unleash the Power of FREE Referral Marketing PLUS Tons Of More CRP Strategies


√ BONUS # 6: 17 Powerful Ways to Get Your Customers Coming Back Repeatedly:

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%.

With these stats in mind, isn’t it sensible to get your existing customers to come back more frequently?

Find out how you can increase your revenue by encouraging repeat business with compelling strategies like email automation, gift certificates, loyalty rewards programs, personal touches, adding value and engaging with clients on social media.


  • Find Out How To Consistently Offer Your Customers Value To Keep Them Coming Back And Never Go To Your Competition
  • Discover How To Use Loyalty Rewards Programs To Increase Your Customers Life Time Value
  • Learn Why You Should Keep Your Customer Data Base Up To Date
  • Find Out How You Can Source & Sell Exclusive Products To Increase Your Revenues PLUS Much More.......

√ BONUS # 7: 27 Best Kept Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Traffic and Grow Your Audience:

Research reveals that 77 per cent of people go online every day, and nearly one-quarter are online almost all the time.

That presents a significant opportunity for you to connect using digital channels and platforms.

So, why not use digital marketing so get wider exposure, new clients and give your customers an interactive experience with your business?

Learn online marketing secrets that can propel your business to the next level. Find out how search engines rank your website, so you don’t get ripped off by so called “digital marketers”, discover webmaster tools you can use right now to analyse your website traffic so you can better understand what your prospects are searching for, therefore creating target ads for maximum conversion and learn how you can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to outrank your competition.


  • Learn How To Add Targeted Keywords To Your Website And Get Ranked On Search Engines Easily
  • Access Free Online Tools To Check Your Websites Page Load Speed, Mobile Friendliness and Spy On Your Competition
  • Learn How To Create Your Free Google Analytics & Google Search Console Account So You Find Out What Keywords People Are Searching That's Triggers Your Website's Visibility PLUS Much More.................

√ BONUS # 8: 25 Tactics to Cut Your Overheads & Turn Your Business into A Lean Mean Money Making Machine

Let’s face it, cash flow is the lifeblood for your business and this is one of the major contributing factors that cause so many businesses to go broke.

So, it makes sense to trim all excess costs especially in the start-up stage of your business. Low overheads will allow you to better price your products, making you a more attractive option than your competition. Furthermore, low overheads could also allow you to increase your profit margins, boosting your bottom line.

Find out how you can turn your business into a lean mean money-making machine using cost trimming tactics like planning your budget, analysing cashflow, getting supplier discounts, leasing versus buying options and lowering financial expenditures plus many more.


  • Find Out How To Budget For Your Equipment
  • Learn Why You Should Get Three Quotes Then Re-Negotiate With The  Cheapest Supplier 
  • Discover Why You Should Lease Your Equipment Instead Of Buying
  • Learn How To promote "Don't Spend a Cent Month" In Your Business PLUS Much More............

√ BONUS # 9: Time Management – Time – Your Most Precious Resource

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

As a small business owner, you know that time is your greatest asset. You can lose money and get it back. You can even lose a business and get it back. But time is irretrievable. That’s why you’ve got to protect it like a hawk.

Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success.

Learn how to manage your time effectively in this module


  • Learn How Effective Log Your Time
  • Find Out How To Identify Your Biggest Time Wasters
  • Discover The 80/20 Rule To Maximize Productivity PLUS Much More...............

√ BONUS # 10: Guide To Goal Setting

Goal setting is an absolute crucial first step to become successful – goals are what take you forward in life and without goals everything falls apart.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life.

As Zig Ziglar says “You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or goal.”

In this module you learn the importance of setting goals – both for your life and your business because they are both part of your ultimate success.


  • Find Out How To Take Control Of Your Life
  • Learn Why You Should Have Long Term and Short Term Goals, Both For Your Personal & Business Growth
  • Discover How To Be The Best You Can Be PLUS Much More...........

√ BONUS # 11 : Discover A New You

  • Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life?

    What is your life purpose?

    Do you know what you are here on Earth for?

    Most people don’t think about their life purpose.

    But what’s this got to do with my business, you may ask?

    Everything, that’s is if you want to build a profit generating business that works without you – yes that’s correct – a business that lets you get passive income – every year! Whether you choose to work In it or not!

    For example, if you want passive income of say $100K into your bank account every year, how are you going to do that?

    Wait to win the lotto or hope for an inheritance?

    Or start your business?

    Find out how to can use your new mindset, vision boards, goal setting and other powerful tools to create your new vision.


    • Learn How To Visualize The Success You Want
    • Discover How Affirmations Can Make You More Positive
    • Learn How To Create Your Life's Blueprint PLUS Much More.......

    uch More...........

√ BONUS # 12: 132+ Useful Templates/Checklists/Sales Scripts for Your Business

With ready made templates, checklists and sales scripts, you can now concentrate on marketing and servicing your customers and not have to worry about the little things that are necessary to operate your business efficiently.

These templates and checklists are designed to save you time, help start and grow your business for future success.

With over 112 templates and checklists to get you started, you can now plan and organize the things you need to do in proper order.


  • Templates for Administration
  • Templates for Business Dashboard
  • Templates for Business Planning
  • Templates for Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Management, Team Building And Much More.............


√ BONUS # 13 : 4 X One on One Business Mentoring Sessions

The details you get with your Business Start-Up Kit can be overwhelming and can create some confusion.

That's why we are on hand to answer any queries you have.

Our 1 on 1 coaching program has helped many business owners achieve significant results in their businesses by reinforcing business owners to focus and devote the time necessary to achieve measurable results.

These mentoring sessions are extremely helpful and essential especially in the early stages of your start-up where you learn how to choose the best name for your business, register your domain and how to get enquires and sales PLUS much more!

Your ClientsNOW Business in a Box Kit includes 4 X 1 Hour Mentoring sessions with Neil for your first month when you purchase our ClientsNOW Business in a Box Kit.

√ BONUS # 14: First Inquiry

We are so confident with the marketing system we created for you, that as a way of showing you our absolute confidence in our ClientsNOW Marketing System we GUARANTEE that the marketing system will work to get you inquiries, provided that you take the time to advertise, follow the instructions and do everything we show you.

Buy the ClientNOW Business-in-a-Box Start Your Own Business Kit, follow the systems in the manual and if in 90 days of launching your website and business, you still haven't received even one inquiry, we will pay for your Ads until the advertising works and generates enquiries for you* Conditions Apply  **depending on current economy** PLATINUM STORES ONLY

√ BONUS # 15 : Dedicated Support For the First 60 Days of Your Starting Your New Business

Your questions answered within 48 hours

We are here to support and guide you, especially in the beginning when you start your business, because you may be uncertain on exactly how each marketing strategy works.

We guarantee that 99% of the time we will answer any questions you have relating to the business within 48hrs.

Inclusions – Here’s What You Get With Gold And Platimum Store

  • Shopping Cart Website: All setup and ready-to-go!
  • Business Concept: We spend hours researching the hottest products
  • We Find The Suppliers: Access MILLIONS of products & get 1-1 help
  • 24/7 Training: LIFETIME access to our online training library
  • Email Marketing Software Integration: We can integrate your site with Mailchimp email software – Platinum Store Only
  • Email Autoresponders: Website emails are all set up and automated- Platinum Store Only
  • Website Optimised SEO: We have installed search engine optimization plugins into your site to rank on Google and we’ll show you how to use it – Platinum Store SEO included and managed
  • BYO Domain Name: All of our stores include a free domain name or you can choose your own however you can use the domain name of your choice
  • FREE Access to our Facebook Dropship Entrepreneurs Forum
  • FREE PDF Business Cards Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • FREE SSL Certificate – Google now prefers websites that have https.  Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Logo & Imagery: Logo and website images all done
  • 1-1 Marketing Training: We train you 1-to-1 on pay per click advertising – – optional paid service – FREE for Platinum Store Only
  • Google Analytics Set Up: FREE for Platinum Store Only
  • Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ & Facebook Management: We can manage your social media pages-  Platinum Store Only
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Access support when you need it
  • 1-1 Business Training Sessions: Learn the secrets of getting sales fast! Platinum Store Only
  • Initial Product Upload: We upload your products to get you selling, fast.
  • Live Chat Install: Chat live with customers- optional paid service. Platinum Store Only
  • 1-1 Business Mentoring: Get 1-to-1 mentoring with our Founder –  Platinum Store Only
  • PayPal Payment Integration: We integrate your website with PayPal when you get your PayPal API. FREE Setup for Platinum Store Only
  • Facebook Shop: We can connect your website to your very own FB Shop- optional paid service.  FREE for  Platinum Store Only
  • eBay & Amazon Store: We can connect your website to your very own eBay and Amazon Store-  FREE for   Platinum Store Only

Grow With Confidence 

Don't Go For it Alone....Get An Experienced Business Coach On Your Team Dedicated To Your Success!

Pricing Plan

Here's What's Included In Each Package


Don’t Have The Time To Build Your Business? Hire us to build your store from scratch, generate sales then hand over to you
  • Add your marketing budget
  • Inventory or dropship model
  • Marketing research conducted
  • Niche products selected
  • Weekly Sales And Traffic Reports
  • WordPress Or Shopify Sites
  • Fully Build 10 Page Site
  • 40 Products Uploaded
  • Suppliers Sourced Local or International
  • BYO Domain Name
  • Modern & Looks Great on mobile devices
  • Facebook Ads Setup and Managed
  • Google Shopping Ads Setup and Implemented
  • Instagram Influencers Sourced & Hired
  • eBay & Amazon Store Setup With Product Listings
  • PayPal Connected
  • Up to 5 Custom Email Addresses
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SEO – On-page Meta Data Installed
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels Installed
  • Your own Admin area for making changes
  • ADDITIONAL: Ad Spend PLUS Store Management Fee

DISCLAIMER: START MY ONLINE DROPSHIP BUSINESS does not guarantee sales and purchases from the traffic delivered to your store. START MY ONLINE DROPSHIP BUSINESS holds no responsibility for lead conversions. Additional charges apply should you wish to increase your Ad Spend budget. You may need to invest in stock inventory

Answers to Your Questions

What’s the difference between the DIY starter store and the others??

DIY stores are great if you are familiar with digital marketing and dropshipping or online retail. You can purchase one or multiple stores.

However, if you are not sure how to generate sales, then it’s best to purchase the Gold or Platinum stores as they are DFY (Done For You) stores.

Are there any monthly charges include?

You’ll need to purchase monthly hosting for each website you purchase. You can buy hosting from Godaddy

Then depending on the package, you purchased, you’ll need to pay for paid advertising on platforms like  Google and/or Facebook pay per click advertising and management, SEO, email marketing,  eBay store setup and management, social media marketing and search engine marketing setup and implemented so your live store is generating traffic which should, in turn, generate sales for your store.

Do you pay for our advertising?

No, in the Platinum stores we will design and create your marketing campaigns so all you have to do is pay for your ad spend pay per click (PPC) advertising depending on your budget so your website can generate traffic and sales. It is advisable to increase your Ad Spend budget if you want to increase traffic.

What if I want to take control of my store?

Of course, you can! Anytime you want to. It’s your store after all! We are simply growing and nurturing it for you so you can take over one day.

On the other hand, if you are too busy you can continue hiring our team to manage your store and ensure your store consistently generate sales.

What exactly does our VA do?

Your Virtual Assistant (VA) is assigned specifically to ensure your sales process is flowing systemically. From the time your customers inquire about your product to the time they make the purchase, to ordering the sold products from your suppliers (dropship) and ensuring it’s safe delivery and arrival to your customer’s door, your VA will ensure the process is seamless and your customer is happy with your service. This is an add-on service so please contact us for details.

What if my store doesn’t make a sale?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee sales. We do however guarantee that you’ll see increased traffic into your website. We have over 200 tested and proven marketing strategies that we use to generate traffic to your store. Don’t worry, we are right by your side to show you how to generate leads, convert lead and retain clients, plus scale your business growth

Just a quick email to let you know that my business website is now live and up and running! I launched it this morning and have already had 3 sales!! Thank you to Neil and your team for your quick support and I am looking forward to building my little business into something big! Thanks again


Spa Products

Just letting you know that I am doing really well. My shop has just taken off. I have made lots of sales so far. About 3 weeks ago, I got so busy, I had an order every day!  Thanks again for this great business, all in the comfort of my own home & looking after our new little man! It’s great being able to do this from my kitchen table! 


Baby Products

Always dreamed of starting your own Online Business but never knew how to get started?