Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will you need to set up my store?

We will en-devour to have your store up and running in 2-4 weeks (DIY stores) and 6-12 weeks for custom designed DFY stores.

After that, we will train you on the back end so you are aware how to add info as you need it.

The best thing is that your business ‘is flexible’ and it can grow and expand with you over time, based on the time you have available. As a guide, once your store is up and running, you would require anywhere from 1-10 hours per week to manage your business. ** This will obviously depend on the number of orders that you have coming in. You have full control over how big you want your business to grow and also the time frame for how long it takes you to get there.

Why should I buy from you?

If you have seen youtube videos offering ‘get rich quick dropship schemes” or even purchased the courses on starting an online e-comm store, you’ll understand that operating a successful online store is not easy.

It takes time, money and a thorough understanding of the online selling landscape to run a successful store

I have been in the retail game for over 30 years and had my 1st online store in 2003 and 1st eBay store in 2008. Since then I’ve learned a thing or two about how to scale an online store.

Today I’ve got 3 successful online stores and all our business coaches have their own online stores so any strategies we show you are proven and tested in our own stores beforehand.

Most importantly we’ll show you our exact tested and proven systems for getting leads, converting them and generating repeat sales so you can increase your income using various platforms.

Get in touch and I’ll provide the URL’s of our stores

I don’t have the money, do you do a payment plan ?

Yes you can apply for finance from our partner Max Funding by clicking on this link

Alternatively, you could use your credit card to finance the package

Also, note that you will need money to market your business so if you are really strapped for cash, it would be better to wait until you are in a better financial position.

Are you able to answer any questions I might have regarding the running of this business?

Yes definitely, we can certainly assist you with any questions that you might have, everything from placing orders through to general business and website operations. All of the information you will require is included in your ClientsNOW Website Package. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Center!

Feel free to call Neil on (+61) 0400 720 129 or chat to us on Skype.

Are there any other charges?

Yes. Hosting is about $7 per month for WordPress sites and $29 per month for Shopify stores.

You will also need to pay for marketing – you need to let people know of your business and promote deals, however that will depend on your budget

Please view our pricing page and click on ADDITIONAL to view other charges 

How do I pay the Suppliers?

The Suppliers accept payment by BPay, Credit Card, Visa/Mastercard and also by Paypal. You pay for all orders at the time of purchase / at the time of placing your order.

Can I make a part time income?

Depending on the products you choose to sell, eCommerce sales are ‘booming’ -and you can certainly make a very profitable income selling online from your own eCommerce Store. We only offer packages and products that are in the top 20% of growth areas for online sales. We thoroughly research all products and online selling trends before making packages available to you.

It is certainly possible to generate a full-time income by operating your business part-time!

Having your own Online Business is flexible and your business can grow and expand with you over time.

What is a done for you (DFY) store?

If you are too busy to develope your own store, are not sure how to build it and get sales or simply want to outsource it, we can offer you the option

We will build your store, find the best suppliers, establish relationship with the suppliers, negioate the best prices, get samples for you, develop a marketing plan with budget estimates and sales projections, implemet the strategies using our ClientsNOW marketing strategies system, generate sales and provide weekly sales and progress reports

You can then take over the store when forecast sales benchmarks are met or you can simply continue hiring our services to manage your store.

Which model works best- drop-ship or branded?

When first starting out, we recommend dropship then shift to branded. Dropship models have tons of competition because of the easy entry point and you have no control of delivery times – especially of the suppliers is out of stock and you have just sold the products or if customers demand a refund

Once you know what products generate higher sales, you should carry an inventory of these products and brand them to your own name.

There are many benefits of branding your products including being able to expand your market reach into wholesaling your products, negotiate better cost prices, purchase bulk to receive the bulk discount, enjoy better profit margins and have full control over the delivery of the products.

What is branded model?

With a branded model – that is where the products carry your own brand, you have benefits including higher profit margins, less competition, building your brand asset plus expanding your reach into the wholesale market

How do i make money from dropshipping?

The amount of money that you make from your business, depends on you. Like any business ‘you get back what you put in’.

For Example. You sell an item on your site for $20. You enter the customer’s details in your wholesale account (a regular customer account) and pay the cost of the item eg $5, then the wholesaler sends the item direct to your customer with free shipping and tracking provided. $15 profit. The packaging is sent directly to your customer so contains no invoice, logo or pricing details. Margins vary from site to site, we have some high-profit margin sites which will net you over $100 per sale…but these tend to be lower sales volume sites…Alternatively, if you are stocking a product, you can negotiate bulk discount prices with the suppliers. The main advantage of stocking inventory is you can ship it the same day and this results in happy customers. Drop shipped items can take several days to get to the customers. There are pros and cons of each business model. Chat with us to discuss one that would suit your requirements.

We have some very successful store owners! Some store owners have added to their portfolio’s and now operate more than one website! We have store owners that have gone on to open retail stores and others that now have their own clothing label, product or brand. They now import directly from our manufacturers, having their own products made, their own clothing designed and/or their own clothing label. We have one store owner who supplies (wholesale) Barbershops with his own branded products. The limits are endless!

Every business is unique, and another store owners earnings cannot be used to estimate the profits that you will make yourself.

Our online businesses are not structured like a franchise where every business is “exactly the same”, all selling “exactly the same products”, with “exactly the same suppliers”, using “exactly the same marketing and advertising” etc.

How successful you are – really depends on YOU and how big you want your business to become.

How do I get my site generating traffic and sales?

We provide you with many different forms of marketing and advertising with a complete marketing plan. All of the marketing strategies that we include in our package is FREE and costs you absolutely nothing. You can implement them as you need to or we can do it for you. The difference between a Basic Store and the Gold store is that in the Gold, we manage your marketing campaigns. You simple dispatch orders – if you are drop shipping we can assist you by showing how you can outsource this task to a Virtual Assistant. We show you ( or can manage on your behalf – Gold Store) how to get customers to your store, how to get listed in all of the top search engines and how to improve your rankings using SEO. We provide you with all of the same advertising that we use ourselves to promote our own business.

We also provide a social media marketing plan to help you get enough targeted traffic to convert to sales., if you are targeting impulse customers and purchases so it is an easy sell once customers arrive to your site… You can also use Instagram Shoutouts, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Email, Classified Ads and more.. We can do the marketing for you however there are additional costs. The Gold Package includes a monthly marketing plan that we manage for you.

Optional paid advertising PPC is also included with options such as Google Ad-words, Facebook Ads and more. We even provide a DIY guide to using Adwords, plus training and tutorials.

Do you assist with SEO?

Yes. You can hire our SEO services to assist with submitting your Website to all of the major search engines and directories.

Can I sell on eBay And Amazon?

Of course! You can sell products anywhere that you like. On eBay and Amazon or on any other online auction sites. Direct ‘Party Plan’ sales are also very popular and very profitable. We have successfully created and sold many profitable eBay and Amazon stores and can provide step-by-step instructions or you can hire us to build your eBay/Amazon store.

In fact we recommend that you operate an eBay, Amazon and Etsy store as well as your own website.

Can the Website Layout & Design be changed?

We don’t make any changes to your Website Design, Layout, Colours, Logo etc after purchase (without additional cost). Please inquire about any changes prior to purchase!

If you are purchasing a Custom Designed Website, our design team will work with you, from start to finish to create a website ‘just for you’ – based on your requirements.

Can I make changes to Website Content?

Yes of Course! Fully illustrated and easy to follow instructions are provided with all of our website packages. We show you how to change and add;- products, prices, categories, sub-categories, product descriptions, images, information pages, contact details & much more! Step by step Video Tutorials are also included with all packages.

Alternatively we can make the changes on your behalf for an additional fees.

Who are the Suppliers, where are they located?

Suppliers are local or international depending on your preference. 

We suggest sourcing suppliers based in your country of origin however there are suppliers available who can ship to you from other countries

What platform is the site built on?

Sites are built-in WordPress using Woocommerce….optimized for mobile devices. This is a great platform for eCommerce there are a minimum ongoing expense. The other CMS is Shopify however there is a monthly charge for using this platform. We can build your website on either platform. 

NOTE: An additional cost of $190 applies for Shopify websites

Why do I need a mentor/coach?

Firstly, the amount of information in the manuals you receive can be overwhelming – especially if you’ve never operated a business before.

Secondly, your business mentor and coach has experience in operating businesses and has experienced the challenges that business frequently present, so they are able to guide you from mistakes and pitfalls.

Thirdly, because each business is unique, you will require a custom-designed marketing strategy with your own unique promo offer or deal.

Marketing is not a one fit for all so even though the strategies outlined in your manual can be applied to any business, you will need them customized to suit your own business.

How much should I spend on Google Ads and other platforms?

Budgets can vary from $10 to $150 per day to start depending on how fast you want to make sales however we can research the CPC for your industry first. Paid ad platforms include social media and search engines however you’ll receive over 200 marketing strategies to choose from

Do I get a refund?


As you can appreciate, once the website is built then transferred to your domain, we cannot take that back.


Can you guarantee sales?

That depends on your marketing promotions offers/baits/lead magnets that we suggest and you approve, so although we cannot guarantee you will use these strategies to get leads, we have used these strategies to generated leads for our own stores sand clients stores.

Our Business Coaching & Mentoring program is designed to assist you with lead generation, lead conversion and getting repeat business – so have a chat to Neil for more strategies on closing sales and securing future clients

Can I Sell on Facebook?

Yes of course, you can sell from your Facebook page, or we can set up a Facebook Store for you.

Facebook Store displays products from your website automatically in your Facebook Store.

You can sell on the Facebook SHop, Facebook Marketplace, in your posts, in your community in groups and of course using Facebook paid ads.

We’ll give you templates and examples of types of ads to place for maximum engagement and sales 

Is there an email addresses included with my Website?

Yes. Your website will be configured to use; email address. You can add an unlimited number of additional email addresses.

Should I be concerned about too many businesses the same as mine being operated?

Keep in mind that there are thousands of different suppliers and over 4 million different products to sell. This ensures that no two stores will ever be the same or ever choose to sell exactly the same products. The custom designed graphics, logo, domain name and website will further ensure that all of our stores are unique.

You can also add your own products to your Website! Find your own ‘niche’ products and suppliers – grow and expand your business any way you like! The sky is the limit! We will assist you with products research and also assist in branding your own exclusive range.

Are there any Extra Fees or Charges?

You will have to pay for PPC marketing costs plus any associated advertising costs

Additional costs are stock purchase, website troubleshooting, additional plugins etc 

We have 3 packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum

If you purchase a DIY store (Silver and Gold) it is Store Cost Plus about $7 per month for hosting ( from Godaddy)

Platinum (DFY) is Store Cost Plus $499 per month and this includes hosting, Facebook OR Instagram organic (not PPC) management ( including 4 posts per Social Media account, increasing likes and follows, 1 blog, SEO ( including metadata updates, back-links, directory submissions etc), 20 new products per month upload management, new supplier sourcing, Marketing Strategies suggestions, Search Engine Submission, Website Statistics and Reports (daily visitors, hits, referrals, keywords), PLUS unlimited access to your own assigned Dedicated Support Manager.

Apart from that, there are absolutely no other costs.

We don’t take any commissions, nor are there any other monthly fees or charges.

What if, for any reason – I cannot continue with my Store?

You can put your Website ‘on maintenance’ at any time with the click of a button. This would allow you to come back to it at a later date.

Or, you can simply cease operating. Just do not pay your domain name and website hosting renewals when they are due. There are no exit fees, nothing else to pay. There are no contacts to sign and no “lock in” periods.

You could also choose to sell your business. You would be selling it as ‘an established business’ with customers and a trading history, which would be valued at a much higher price than the purchase cost of your website. We can assist you with an exit strategy should you need it.

How are Website packages delivered?

You will receive an email with all your website login, admin and c-panel details as well as a copy of our Clients NOW eStore marketing manual

Your Website Instruction Package contains;- Website Instructions, Logins, Passwords, Access to all Products & Suppliers, Marketing and Advertising, Details for our Support Centre, Online Training Centre and everything else that you need to get started!

Your domain name, website and hosting account will be legally transferred over to you, into your name – online.

Are Websites configured to handle GST?

Yes – All Websites can handle and charge GST (Goods & Services Tax).

What if something happens to my Suppliers?

DROP SHIPPING: If your supplier ceases trading or something else happens where they cannot supply the products, you simply find more suppliers. Ideally (DFY stores) we recommend having 3 or more suppliers at hand

Wholesalers & Manufacturers:– When keeping your own stock, you do need to pay for goods to be shipped to you. Standard Postage Costs apply.We have excel costing sheets with build in formulas that show you what margins you should be working with to ensure profitability.

Is there are a Minimum Wholesale Order Amount?

Generally, the only requirement is that you purchase a “pack” of anything that you order. Most items are packaged in lots of 5 or 6 items per pack. (eg: Order one pack of Kids T-Shirts, 5 in a pack, mixed sizes). Some wholesale suppliers may have a minimum order amount, starting from $100.00. There is no minimum order amount when using drop shipping suppliers.

Do I need to purchase a minimum number of products per month?

No absolutely not, you have NO obligation whatsoever to purchase anything from any of our suppliers.

Can I transfer my Website to another Hosting Provider?

Yes most definitely, you can change your hosting service provider at any time.

As we don’t provide hosting, we recommend Godaddy otherwise you are free to select your own hosting provider.

The transfer of the website to a new provider will be your own responsibility. 

Where do I get Photos & Product Descriptions to put on my Website?

Product images and descriptions for all products are provided by your suppliers.

You simply copy and paste images and text onto your own website (with permission of course) 

We recommend that you might like to take the time to add your own ‘personal touches to your product descriptions. You can modify/change/add to/remove/alter descriptions and/or photos in any way that you like.

Can you load my products onto my Website for me?

For both the Gold and Platinum Packages, we upload a specific number of product images for you. Setup of all products and changes to website content is the store owner’s responsibility. The choice of what you sell will be totally up to you! It is a very simple process to add products to your website.

You can certainly hire us for products uploads in addition to the ones that are pre-loaded for you.

Beware of websites that are sold ‘pre-loaded’ with products as this would suggest an affiliate arrangement, where you are paid only a small commission for sales, or that the business selling you the website is being paid as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is not a profitable business model, in most circumstances.

Choosing your own products and suppliers, and adding your own products to your own store ensures that your business and the products that you are selling are ‘unique’.

This provides you with a profitable and flexible business model.

What about Warranty of Products that I sell from my Website?

This depends on the suppliers that you choose to use. Generally all products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. The suppliers will provide and make available;- a full refund or exchange / replacement of goods or whatever the customer wants!. All products are sold with a warranty that ensures customers receive them in perfect working order!

Products also come with an additional Manufacturer’s Warranty/Guarantee (just the same as when you purchase from a retail store). You will see individual product warranties listed in product descriptions and/or listed on supplier’s websites. Products offer anything from 12 months warranty to 3 years warranty.

Paypal also provides built in buyer and seller protection. In the event that a supplier did not provide a refund/exchange etc, a claim can be made through Paypal for a full refund of the purchase amount.

How many Products and Categories can I have on my Website?

Unlimited! You can have unlimited categories and an unlimited number of products on any website!

How do I browse Suppliers products and order from Suppliers?

Initially we will source the suppliers for you and after your approval, upload some products on your new website. After that we will show you the exact steps to take when sourcing suppliers and the things to look out for.

You can then start browsing all of the different suppliers and listing products for sale on your website as soon as the transfers of ownership are complete! You receive access to all of our suppliers and access to our entire suppliers network in your Website Instruction Package. It’s simply a matter of browsing the suppliers and choosing which products you would like to sell in your store.

Alternatively you can hire us to source suppliers and upload products.

Suppliers accept payment by BPay, Credit Card / Visa / Mastercard and also by Paypal. You can start placing orders with any of the suppliers straight away.

Is an ABN No. Required?

You do not require an ABN No. to purchase a website, or to order from Drop Shipping Suppliers. However, we do recommend that you get one, as it’s free and you can apply online at any time. It gives your customers confidence to see that you have an ABN No. when they purchase from your store. Some Wholesale Suppliers may require that you have an ABN No.

Anyone can register for an ABN No. and it costs you absolutely nothing! Register for an ABN No. online via the Australian Business Register website.

What’s The Difference Between The Silver, Gold and Platinum package?ld Package?

Depending on your involvement in your business, we can offer additional services such as Management and Marketing of your website.

Please visit for more details 

Silver package:  this is a shell website only with mostly dummy products. 

Gold package:  this is a website with live products loaded, supplier sourced and comes with ClientsNOW marketing manual

Platinum package:  Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting out in dropshipping or online retailing and don’t have the time to scale the business or want to outsource their marketing.

In the Platinum Package, we take care of your Google PLA Shopping Ads and Facebook PPC Ads (up to 10 products). We will design the ads and run the campaigns. Additionally, we will implement several marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions to your store.

For the majority of our clients, most who have purchased the stores as a side business, we offer a Management and Marketing plan.

We will manage your Social Media And Google Ad Words Campaigns. This includes Facebook Ads, Posts & Likes. Google AdWords multiple Ads in multiple Ad Groups (depending on your PPC budget), SEO including monthly blog creations and postings, back-linking, metadata updates, products uploads including descriptions and images, search engines submissions and several other on-page and off-page strategies. In other words, we manage your shop and you look after the customers and collect the money.