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Want To Know Who Visited Your Website and Why?

You can gain data on who’s visiting your website and how. Google Analytics provides information on who the people visiting your website are in terms of demographics, geography, and their general interests online
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What are the benefits of using Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software.

It is Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

You need to know the details of what people do when they visit your website, how long they stay and what all pages do they visit on your website. This essential data will help you market your business more effectively and give you insights on strategies to implement so you can convert traffic into sales

11 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

  1. You can see how people find your website
  2. You can track what people do when they’re on your website.
  3. You can create customization reports
  4. Easy integration with other tools and platforms
  5. Ability to measure internal site search
  6. To understand why visitors are bouncing off your website
  7. To know the age, gender, interest, device and location of your audience.
  8. To understand which social platforms to target
  9. To understand what kind of content you should write
  10. To check if you are achieving goals
  11. You gain data on who’s visiting your website and how.


We will set up and analyse your Google Analytics account: Here’s what we can do on a regular basis:-

  1. Assist setting up GA account
  2. Provide monthly reports
  3. Provide marketing data insights
  4. Provide marketing strategies based on data analysed from your GA account


NOTE: You will need a Google Analytics account and a Gmail account  – we can help you open your account

$149 Setup Charges Apply to all new accounts. $49 is an ongoing monthly charge to manage and maintain your account

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Silver, Gold, Platinum


5 hours For $175, 10 hours For $350, 20 hours For $700

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